Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this Grocafrica?

Grocafrica is simply a music system, where djs and artist can upload their songs and get unique link to share with their fans in order for them to download or stream their songs.
2. How can I make money on grocafrica?

Just click that upload your song or mixtape button , then upload either your mixtape or song, give you fand the link of your song, that you got from grocafrica.
You can also earn by referal, just refer only djs and artist using your referral link and earn

3. How to upload songs?

Login and go to your dashboard, you will see upload option on top, then just enter the details, make sure you entered the correct details and correct file, read before you upload, incase if you fail to upload, try to refresh the page, if the problem persist, just contact our consultants they will help you.

4.What is the name of this currency on estimated balance?

The estimated balance is calculated using south African rands, symbol R (zar) 1 zar is around 15 USD.

5.What are points?

Points are the system currency we use, we also convert them to rand.

6.Can I have more than one account?

No we dont recommended that.

7.Is there any gurantee?

As we have already mentioned any gurantee is a scam, in life there is no gurantee of anything, you don't know what tommorow will hold, so we don't gurantee or promise anything.

8.how can i upgrade and be premium?

it is simple ,just login and scroll down you will see upgrade button ,press it and deposit to that account number you see, then press the WhatsApp button and call the consultant on WhatsApp to inform them that you upgraded.

9.what is referal link?

it is a unique link that every person who register get, it is used to know the people who you invited to the system, you will get paid R2 for free for every dj or artist ,you refer to grocafrica, if that dj or artist upgrade you will get extra R50 , however this is not compulsory, it will depend on your willingless but you must also note that in order for the system to work we need people.

10.how can i join?

Get in touch with the person who invited you to provide you with their own unique invite link. Use that link to register.


Our mission is to bring fairness in the music field